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Take Care of Your Investment: Winterize Your Lawn Sprinklers

As the fall temperatures begin to drop closer and closer to freezing, it's time to call Wet 'n Wild to winterize your irrigation system.

Spend a Little to Winterize and Save Big on Repair Costs

The process of winterizing a sprinkler system consists of expelling all the water from the irrigation equipment. This is necessary because water freezing during cold weather will break pipes, fittings, valves, sprinklers, pumps, and other system components.
Wet 'n Wild does not use a cookie cutter approach to winterization.  We look at each system and customize your irrigation winterizing based on:
  • Are the drain values automatic or manual?
  • What type of piping is used in your system, PVC or Polyethylene?
  • Is your controller outdoor or indoor mounted?
  • What type of rain sensor do you have with your system?

The Danger of Hiring an Amateur When Winterizing Sprinklers

The concept of winterizing your lawn sprinkler system seems simple enough to perform.  While it might not be overly complicated, it absolutely must be done correctly to assure there are no costly repairs and/or replacements to make in the spring. 
Do you really want to trust an amateur to take care of this expensive investment? 
Are you sure the neighbor's son or the nearby college student you hire understands if you have manual or automatic drain valves? 
Do they know what to do with your controllers or rain sensors?

Lighting & Sprinkler Installation and Service Area

A sampling of the towns and cities Wet-N-Wild Sprinklers and Lighting visits includes:
Oakland County: Milford, Highland, South Lake, White Lake, Commerce, Walled Lake, Wixom, Novi, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Clarkston, Waterford, Holly
Livingston County: Brighton, Howell,  Hartland, Hamburg, Pinkney
Washtenaw County: Saline, Ann Arbor, Dexter
Wayne County: Belleville, Northville, Plymouth, Canton
Genesee County: Fenton, Linden, Grand Blanc
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